organize your herbs and spices

If you are like us and love to cook with herbs and spices, keeping them sorted can be a bit overwhelming. In addition, making sure they are fresh and have not expired is also important. There are lots of great ideas on storing and organizing spices and we thought we would share some of our favorites.

magnetic spice storage from A Beautiful Mess Blog

Martha certainly does not disappoint with this great spice shelf.

Great chalkboard labels from Bradens Grace Etsy Shop

Liz has a drawer convenient to where she cooks with all her favorite spices ready to go!

Tips for Storing and Organizing your Spices

  1. Use a small label to note the expiration date with a pencil, especially when you are using your own jars or tins.
  2. Store in cool dark spot, not over the stove.
  3. Spices don’t really spoil but they lose their potency. According to the Shelf Life Advice website whole spices kept in the pantry are best for 1-3 years, ground spices 6-12 months, herb/spice blends 1 year, herbs 6-12 months, unopened herb/spice blends 2 years. Add another year if you store them in the freezer.
  4. Organize your spices by grouping them together into categories. Baking spices and cooking spices/herbs, ethnicity, etc… You decide!
  5. Store in airtight containers to prolong shelf life.
  6. Keep them within reach so you are more apt to use them while cooking.

How do you store your spices and herbs? Share with us your ideas and pictures!

~Liz and Kari

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