In keeping with our vision to promote and encourage local living, two doors down offers affordable advertising opportunities for local businesses and artisans. While a listing in the two doors down directory is free, there are opportunities to further promote your business on our site. When you advertise on the two doors down network your ad, with link, will be seen on every page of the site! From the home page to the daily blog, and throughout the directory, your ad will be viewed over and over again as readers explore two doors down!

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large door: 160 width x 240 length
small door: 160 x 160 

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What people are saying about two doors down…..

Your blog is so wonderful. The world can be a better place because of you and folks like this!  (Rene’, Germany)

two doors down is a newly created blog by Kari Kim and Liz Ryan to share tips on living locally and simply. Although it is just starting out, it already includes some wonderful posts and promises to be one to read daily. The ladies spotlight local artisans, offer reading suggestions, recipes, organizational and decorating tips, and give some serious love to worthy local businesses. We suggest you subscribe! (The Charleston Coast, June 2011)

Just looked at the site. I LOVE it. Thanks for putting this together. The pieces you have written seem to encompass a lot of what I have been thinking about lately. You and Liz will just help keep me on track. Thanks so much. (Mimi, Mount Pleasant, SC)

I visited two doors down for the first time today and wow! I love it. What a homey little corner of the internet with some great ideas shared in a fun, girlfriend to girlfriend way. I’m adding it to my favorites at home! (Rebecca)

We have just spent a good 1/2 hour fine combing through two doors down…we BOTH love it!!!!  what a FABULOUS job you have done…the style is divine and the content is awesome.  So psyched for you!!!!!!!  I’ll be forwarding it…that’s for sure! (Chrissie, Charleston)

Ladies, your new site is soooooo cool. I love the concept and the look- very modern, simple, and beautiful. (Traci, Charleston, SC)