save the honeybee!

honeybee expo

Looking for something fun to do after the Charleston Bridge Run? Join the Charleston Area Beekeepers Association (CABA) for the 3rd annual Charleston Honey & Bee Expo at the Cinebarre, Houston Northcutt Boulevard in Mount Pleasant. Meet local beekeepers and see live bees in the observation hive, enjoy honey tastings (and honey cotton candy!), watch a film screening of the highly acclaimed documentary “More Than Honey” at Cinebarre, and purchase local honey and other products! Learn the importance of the honeybee and why this tiny little creature is in danger of extinction and how that impacts our world.

The Charleston Area Beekeepers Association is interested in beekeeping and promoting the health and welfare of honeybees in the greater Charleston, SC area. Come out Saturday, April 5th,  between 11 – 5 and support the cause. A $5.00 donation is appreciated.

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